Monday, February 17, 2003

The Recruit

In a Nutshell: Fairly average suspense flick. I guessed the twist before we ever entered the theater. Whether I'm that good or just lucky, you decide.

Quick Plot: James Clayton (Colin Farrell) is recruited into the CIA by Walter Burke (Al Pacino). James shows much promise, but is bounced out of the program. Or so it seems. Burke recruits him once again, indicating that his expulsion is actually his cover. His mission: to get close to the beautiful Layla, a colleague from training camp. She's really a mole (or is she?) stealing top secret files, and James must stop her.

In Detail: Really, there isn't much detail to give. It was a perfectly acceptable film, but there really wasn't anything to distinguish it from many others like it. It was just very typical. It was fairly suspenseful, fairly fun in places, and seemed to surprise some people at the end. As I mentioned, I already had it figured out, but I think it was just a lucky guess on my part. I didn't have it exactly right, but I was awfully darn close. I don't really recommend this as a big screen film. Rent if you think you need to see it.

Will I Buy It? Doubtful. Not enough for me for repeated viewings.