Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Gone in 60 Seconds

In a Nutshell: Typical no-brainer action flick, a fun 2 hours.

Quick Plot: Memphis Raines is a retired (but still infamous) car thief. When his kid brother signs a deal to "boost" 50 cars and can't deliver, Memphis assembles his old crew in order to "acquire" the goods, and save his brother's life.

In Detail: Well, I don't have much detail to give. Another predictable film, this time in the action department. A perfectly fun 2-hours, with nothing deep to linger with you once it's finished. Nothing wrong with those kinds of films, but I like others in this genre better. The car chase was quite good, and I'm a sucker for those for some strange reason (must be all those James Bond films and Dukes of Hazzard episodes I watched as a kid). Not a bad outing for Nicolas Cage, not a great role for Angelina Jolie, and everyone else was pretty ho-hum. Not even a great villain. ::shrug:: If you're looking for a fun action flick you haven't seen, give this one a try. Just know what to expect.

Will I Buy It? Doubtful. I wouldn't watch it enough to make it worth it. As I said, there are others I like better in this genre.