Tuesday, November 5, 2002


In a Nutshell: Typical Philip K. Dick story, extremely well cast in most respects, and quite well done.

Quick Plot: Spencer Olham is a premiere scientist who has designed the ultimate weapon against the aliens that threaten to take over the earth. He arrives at work, only to be taken into custody by the ESA (Earth Security Agency), accused of being a genetic replica with a bomb in his heart, set to detonate upon meeting the chancellor. He escapes, trying to prove his innocence, while being hunted by the ESA as the city's most wanted criminal.

In Detail: You know me, I love sci-fi, and I'm quite fond of Philip K. Dick stories. They always have great worlds and good plot twists. While not the best in the world, there was still plenty for me to like in this film, primarily the casting. I adore Gary Sinise, and he's great as always. Madeline Stowe plays her typical part, but I like her anyway. And new to my "favorite actors" list is Vincent D'Onofrio. The more I see him, the more I like him, and he is perfect for the lead ESA investigator. I don't care much for Mehki Pheiffer, though this role wasn’t bad for him. I was able to predict the majority of the plot twists this time, but that didn't make it any less fun, and I only ended up being partly right. Better than Minority Report, IMO. If you like Gary Sinise, Vincent D'Onofrio, Philip K. Dick, or sci-fi in general, you'd probably like this movie. A good rental.

Will I Buy It? Mmm.... I'm not sure. I think I’m starting to get picky in my old age! I'm more likely to buy this one than Minority Report (also a Philip K. Dick story), but it's not a must have.