Thursday, May 22, 2003

The Iron Giant

In a Nutshell: Quite good, but not a favorite.

Quick Plot: A fireball falls to earth, prompting a call to the government. In that fireball was a metal man. Hogarth Hughes find him while roaming in the woods. He befriends the giant, feeding him and teaching him to speak (well, sort-of). But the government is after the metal man as well, intent on destroying him.

In Detail: As I said, it really was pretty good. The animation was very well done. The story made its points without being too heavy-handed. It really had everything: laughter, tears, fun, and heart, but it is still missing just a little touch of.... well, something, that prevents it from reaching "great" in my book. Might change my mind when looking for good stuff for my children to watch. I know it was rated PG, but I really think it could have done without the language. There wasn't much, and it was very mild, but it simply wasn't necessary, and the film would have been perfectly fine without it.

Will I Buy It? Maybe. I won't run right out and buy it, but if we need a good movie for the kids, we'll probably pick it up.