Thursday, May 22, 2003

I Spy

In a Nutshell: Not good. We had a busy weekend, so we didn't even finish it; not that it was so bad we turned it off, but it just wasn't good enough to keep watching when we had other important things to do (like see The Matrix Reloaded).

Quick Plot: Alex Scott (Owen Wilson) needs to get to Hungary to recover a stolen military prototype for an "invisible" jet. But he needs cover. Enter Kelly Robinson (Eddie Murphy), the reigning undefeated boxing champion, happens to have a match coming up there. Alex will attend as Robinson's assistant. But Robinson wants in on the "spy stuff," too. Much mayhem ensues.

In Detail: I think my husband summed it up best: Owen Wilson is much better as a sidekick to Jackie Chan (Shanghai Noon, Shanghai Knights) than he is as lead to an Eddie Murphy sidekick. I know Murphy's character was supposed to be arrogant and rude and obnoxious, but it just wasn't funny to me, at all. By almost an hour into the film, we hadn't even laughed, and Murphy was just getting more an more annoying. Even Famke Jansen wasn't enough to make things interesting (sure hope she had a bigger role in the last half of the film than she had in the first). We just turned it off. We had two other rentals to get through, plus The Matrix Reloaded, so we decided not to waste any more time on this movie. It was simply average, with nothing at all exciting about it to recommend. Glad we didn't bother seeing it at the theater.

Will I Buy It? Nope.