Sunday, December 5, 2004

National Treasure

In a Nutshell: Quite good Jerry Bruckheimer fare. All of his usual style and flair, with the added incentive of a mystery to solve. Check your brain at the door and just enjoy this fun popcorn flick.

Quick Plot: The Gates family has been following the trail of the mythical Free Mason treasure the US founding fathers hid more than two centuries ago, much to the amusement of the scholarly community. But when someone else plans to find it and keep it for himself, Ben Gates and team decide to beat them to the punch.

In Detail: I really liked this movie. About par for the course as far as Jerry Bruckheimer films go (not as good as Pirates, way better than King Arthur), which is just fine. I am quite a fan of his films, generally speaking. I liked that this one had the mystery aspect to it. Definitely reminiscent of The Goonies(for all you children of the 80s), but with less language! LOL A perfectly fun brainless film, with some great one liners. Would do fine on the small screen if you want to wait, but definitely worth seeing, even in the theater if you're an action junkie. Great fun!

Will I Buy It? I'm leaning towards yes. I won't run right out to buy it when it comes out, but if I happen to find it for under $15, I'd probably pick it up.